An Interview with Off Planet Radio’s Randy Maugans, Part One

signpostThe below interview is the first of a series that will be coming out in the upcoming weeks.  The questions posed come from Randy Maugans of Off Planet Radio.

I publish it here co-incident with Off Planet Radio for convenience’ sake only.


Hello, Randy.  First, I’d like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to discuss with a wider audience a topic that has kept so many people enthralled with the possibility of ‘bending time’ to our purposes.  I’m hopeful that some of my answers may inspire others to delve deeper into the Question and devour its possibilities.


book coverWhat current events have confirmed to you that Titor’s story has meaning for us now, in 2017?

This is an outstanding first question, Randy.

Essentially, people want to know: “why should I care” and even more importantly, “why should I care now?”

In the time that I have spent looking at ‘all this,’ my focus has changed somewhat since the time I published Conviction of a Time Traveler.

TMI-CRYSTAL-300x225It’s happened before where, when I have gone in search of answers to something that I thought was deep and mysterious, I only came back with but hints of the answers I sought and much larger questions to go with them; I simply hadn’t been thinking big enough when formulating my questions. The same has happened during my investigation into the TimeTravel_0 posts and the Question they imply.

And because of this most recent transformation of outlook that I have experienced since 2010, I personally no longer look for evidence that “John Titor” was speaking about our particular time period. Tempus Edax Rerum, as it were.

Rather, I seek to understand the larger picture of things.  Please allow me to explain:

Everyone is familiar with Aesop and his fables.  Aesop (whose actual existence is in doubt, ironically) is credited with writing numerous fables which utilized anthropomorphized animals to tell stories concerning the Human condition and psychology. And, in a favor to readers of his works through the centuries, Aesop included a moral at the end of each fable to concisely tell the reader what he should learn from it. Hell of a guy, right?

aesops fables bookI remember reading these stories as a child in a book that my parents bought for me.  I enjoyed the colorful pictures, the large-print text, the illustrative wording; all of it.  And, at the end, I was treated to the lesson that was to be learned.  It was an effective way to introduce a child to the wider world of human interaction and tendencies (e.g. “Sour Grapes,” etc).

I find the TimeTravel_0 posts carry a similar “feel” to them.  And, not surprisingly, their audience innately and subconsciously also appears to treat them in a similar way as they would Aesop’s Fables.  What I mean by this is that I have noticed that people enjoy the narrative, the colorful and illustrative words and the mystery of an anonymous man who is ‘just trying to get home’ (shades of Ulysses, perhaps?).  And, lo and behold, at the end of the narrative (well, embedded within it, but indulge me for a moment), the reader may also look for predictions (i.e. the “moral”) to be digested, learned and internalized (the lessons in the posts are very rarely internalized or acted upon, but I digress…).  Quite the feat, if you ask me. I have no evidence to suggest that this parallel was intended, but it is as it is.

aesop1As I mentioned above, my focus has moved away from reading the Titor posts as if they were an Aesop fable to discern some prediction (or ‘moral,’ in the parlance of Aesop).  Instead my focus has shifted to understand Aesop himself.  I entered the Titor-verse in 2009 wondering if Titor was really a ‘time traveler’ and even sought out predictions for our future just as many before me had done, but instead came away with Questions much larger than when I started. They have not abated.

All that being said, I fully understand that people in general look to the TimeTravel_0 posts in search of those predictions about our future while not realizing that there is more to be seen. They do this in the hopes of divining some proof of the fantastical and perhaps assuage their fear of the doom and gloom he described; perfectly understandable. (it should be noted that I personally have always considered his posts were not doom-laden, but rather were hopeful at their core.  “Rebirth is Painful.” Why do people always focus on the negative?)

They look at the posts and wonder, “Is this relevant to me now?”   At the risk of undercutting the analysis done for COATT, I would have to say yes.

I’m secure in saying that some of the predictions and connections that I made in COATT were not 100% correct.  I can say this because I always (or have learned to) allow for the possibility that I might be wrong on certain aspects.  The objective and circumstantial evidence pointing to the likelihood that TimeTravel_0 really was from another time is solid and I stand by it.  Some of the extrapolations and predictions about our own future however do contain within them the possibility of mis-analysis.

A good example of this mis-analysis might be the supposition that TimeTravel_0 was referring to the former American President, Barack Obama, when Titor spoke about the political climate that led to the Second American Civil War (according to the Titor Narrative).

th8YZ1XV76In the TimeTravel_0 Narrative, Titor referred to the President in power during or immediately before the Second American Civil War as America’s “leader” (he actually placed quotes around this word).  In COATT, I speculated that the reason Titor refused to use the word ‘president’ to describe this person was because of the shadow hanging over BHO’s birthplace. If BHO is, in fact, not a natural born American citizen as required by the US Constitution, then he could not be a “President,” per se.  So, instead, I supposed Titor used this word “leader” to describe BHO’s role without giving him the title he obtained only through fraud and subterfuge.

Ironically, however, this same notion of calling the President of the United States a “leader” (placed in quotes to imply he is no leader at all but in name only) also persists when describing the new American president, Donald Trump, albeit for a much different reason. Let me explain:

trumpWhile persons such as yourself and others may have long known or suspected the existence of a ‘shadow government’ which truly runs things, it has only now, with the win by a populist candidate, Donald Trump, actually revealed itself to the public at large. No longer is the idea of a “Deep State” or “Shadow Government” relegated to conspiracy circles or X-Files episodes. Donald Trump is despised by both the Left and Right of American politics (shouldn’t that tell us something?)

My point here is that, with every “ruling” issued by a federal judge or with every delay or false start in executing on their candidate’s (now party leader) campaign promises such as the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (‘ObamaCare’), the American public now sees that the President is not in charge and that the Deep State is attempting to clip the new President’s wings; the American Public is now learning that it does not matter who they vote for, because in the end, the Deep State is what runs things and that it will defend its power at all costs.

air quotes

TimeTravel_0 describing the “leader” of the United States?

Doesn’t TimeTravel_0’s use of quotation marks when referring to the President as the American “leader” (in quotes) make sense when we consider TimeTravel_0’s advance knowledge of the Deep State’s power and existence? If the President of the United States is but a place holder, wouldn’t you qualify your description of him by using quotation marks around the word “leader” when describing his role?


So, in answer to your question, yes, I do see events now that confirm Titor’s relevance to our time now in 2017.  But…

As I mentioned, my focus has shifted off the search for predictions in the Titor posts.  Firstly, because my questions are now different.  But as I have come to better understand the stage upon which the various ‘time travel’ Programs exist, I now see these periodic ‘confirmations’ more as a type of ‘signpost’ in time; markers, if you will.  And most importantly, these signposts are not necessarily predictions. Do you remember in the movie Contact when the blind scientist discovered, enlaced and hidden, frequencies containing the plans for the alien Machine hidden within the video of Hitler’s speech at the Olympics? These markers or signposts that I have discovered are something like that. Here’s what I mean:

signpostImagine that you are on a highway and you see a road sign that says “Tampa” with an arrow pointing you onwards but it has no mileage next to it; you have no idea how far away you are or when you will arrive there.  All you know is that you are on the road to Tampa.  And when you finally do arrive in Tampa, a friend traveling with you exclaims, “Those signs predicted that we’d arrive in Tampa! They must be supernatural!”

Not at all; they are a method, an indicator; nothing more.

thNow understand, I am referring to the markers contained within the TimeTravel_0 posts and elsewhere that most do not see; I am not referring to the overt predictions that Titor explicitly claimed.  There is a subtlety here that few appreciate and whose explanation would require a whole other book (an update is in the works, but progress is slow).

Of particular interest to me and other serious researchers into the ‘time travel’ question was my realization that these markers are not tied to specific dates, per se, but rather events. This is an important realization to make because it also draws out the very real limitations placed upon holders of the technology and how they, themselves, conduct their missions.  Divergence plays a significant role in this and we can discuss this later if you like.

imageBecause I have learned what and how to “keep my ear to the ground” concerning these markers, I can show that they do, in fact, indicate that it is this time period that was under study. Ultimately, at the end of the day, these are what I am seeing: road signs without mileage.  I see confirmations, but make no pretension at making predictions based upon them as many others are wont or desperate to do.  Even I don’t suffer from that level of arrogance…

The great and obvious next questions naturally are: Confirmations to whom, and confirming what?

Ahh…welcome to the Rabbit Hole, friend.

Is there anything in the Timetravel_0 narrative that may explain the so-called “Mandela Effect?”

mandela-415x479This is another great question as it serves as entry into or a peak behind the curtain of the TimeTravel_0 narrative.

Is the “Mandela Effect” relevant to the TimeTravel_0 narrative? Is there a relationship?

For clarification, I assume by “Mandela Effect,” you are referring to observations people make in the ‘real world’ that are at variance to what they themselves actually remember. I believe it is called the “Mandela Effect” because it was believed that Nelson Mandela had died and then it became common knowledge that he was still alive and well.  There has been discussion elsewhere on the internet of similar phenomena which some call the “Bearenstain Bears Effect” where some people remember the name being spelled ‘Bearenstain’ where others remember it spelled ‘Bearenstein.’ I will withhold comment on my personal feelings of these two particular examples, but I do feel free to comment on the larger phenomena at hand.

matrix black cat deja vuWhat people are describing (Observations not matching Memories) was also noted by several people after TimeTravel_0 stopped posting in March of 2001 which one experiencer dubbed “Alter-Vu.” This was a play on word with “Déjà vu” and was meant to impart the mental feeling one gets when they experience déjà vu as if they are observing something they have seen before.  Only in the case of an alter vu, the feeling one experiences marries up to a memory, but that memory doesn’t match exactly to what they are observing! It has happened to me on several occasions and it is, in a word, a damn interesting experience and extremely noteworthy if you are aware enough when it happens.

Titor never made any statements on the existence of these Alter vu’s or Mandela Effects specifically.  That is not to say that they did not occur to him as well, but remember, they hadn’t happened to any of the participants in the online conversation yet either. No word for the phenomena existed yet.

This notwithstanding, Titor did make some references that obliquely or indirectly refer to the possibility of these occurring, if you already recognize what it is he’s referring to.  Specifically:

“Since the existence of multiple universes is a reality from my viewpoint, please allow me to disclose an idea we toss around a bit in 2036. Since all possibilities, outcomes and events are occurring and exist simultaneously; it would mean there are multiple universes out there where “you” are living a day behind and a day ahead of the “you” on this universe.

“There are some who believe that memory is some sort of information transfer or communication with the “yous” in the past, across worldlines or universes. Although this is seemingly quite ridiculous, if you think that could be true, than physics tells us that the same information transfer from our future selves on other worldlines is not only possible but certain. Could it be that fantasy or “what if” scenarios are actually future memory from an alternate “us” on a future worldline?”

Beyond the points germane to our discussion here/now, also noteworthy in TimeTravel_0’s statement above is the “ridiculous idea” that memory could be held outside of the physical brain akin to ‘the cloud.’  What TimeTravel_0 is conjecturing here is that Information (with a capital ‘I’) may exist separately and unto itself, where the human brain is merely a ‘receiver.’

What few realize is that TimeTravel_0 injected this idea in the form of supposition (“there are those who believe…”).  I find it quite likely that this idea (which is only speculated on now in the current literature) is well-established to those who utilize this type of technology.

mwiWhat this passage represents is an oblique ‘prediction’ of the maturation of our understanding of Information and the Multiverse. But instead of presenting it as a proclamation from our future betters, it is presented as mild speculation.  If anyone is serious about understanding the Question, it is imperative to understand the language, vocabulary and modalities which the ‘time travelers’ use.  This is but one example.

Returning to your question: is there a connection between information passing among universes, jumping from you to you, and the appearance of the Mandela Effect? Yes, I believe there is.  My research into the matter indirectly indicates that both Information and Consciousness (with a capital ‘c’) are both foundational and ultimate in the multi-verse. Information/Consciousness, I believe, is the very water in which we swim.

biocentrism bookInformation is but one aspect of the larger whole.  If there are only two sides to a coin, then the obverse of Information may be Consciousness. As is being shown by current research (by others), Consciousness is not only ever-present, but also co-creational with the multiverse.

(I should note here that while I am making an artificial distinction between Information and Consciousness, I do so merely for semantics’ sake. I have no evidence that would show that they are, indeed, distinct at all. It is quite possible that Consciousness and Information are co-created and one in the same phenomena)

Some years ago, I was lucky enough to be trained and become fairly proficient in Remote Viewing as a skill and discipline. While some in your audience may not be aware of its veracity or at least skeptical of it, I can say with 100% certainty that Remote Viewing is a real ability and can be leveraged to extract accurate data.

RV is primarily a mental discipline and, as any military remote viewer will tell you, they’ve been aware of the multi-verse since the very beginning of the official program. The military RV’ers were aware of the multi-verse by virtue of their ability to observe alternate outcomes to events.

grand-portalWhat this knowledge implies is that the mind, the non-physical essence of a person that is capable of non-local knowledge, can completely and effortlessly glide across different universes and observe the actions thereon (so to speak).  The mind is not constrained to one physical universe; it may hop them.  And because the mind may traverse these universes effortlessly, and carry with it the memories of the origin universe (Information), Information itself also may traverse these universes.  And, as ever, I reserve the right to be wrong on this point. I find it quite likely that I am similar to a Neanderthal attempting to explain a jet engine with nothing but a Neolithic understanding of the world around him.

Information is, as the mind is, trans-dimensional as well as trans-universal.  Information and Consciousness go hand in glove; it permeates all and is exactly in line with what TimeTravel_0 was describing in the quote I provided.

Now, understand, that in 2009 when I read the posts for the first time, these statements (above) by Titor concerning “information transfer” from one you living on one universe to another you living on another universe is not counter-indicated by my own personal psychical experiences nor those of the military remote viewers (both ‘past’ and ‘present’). In a nutshell, Titor was restating and essentially explaining how it is that remote viewers, or even legitimate psychics, can do what they do: Information transfer from one self to another.



54 thoughts on “An Interview with Off Planet Radio’s Randy Maugans, Part One

  1. Deep State narrative is spin, obfuscation and misdirection,… i.e.;Bullshit. They’re up to something. I don’t trust it.

    I suspect the quotations around the word “leader” are sarcasm, and is perhaps about intentionally trying not to be a leader.

    “Of particular interest to me and other serious researchers into the ‘time travel’ question was my realization that these markers are not tied to specific dates, per se, but rather events. This is an important realization to make because it also draws out the very real limitations placed upon holders of the technology and how they, themselves, conduct their missions. Divergence plays a significant role in this and we can discuss this later if you like.”

    This is key to the larger picture, and relates to the ethical aspects that you note. Decisions effect things for centuries, longer. And divergences evidently happened a long time ago that are directly related to how things are playing out now and into the future. One consistent and key contributing factor in all of it is human nature and ethics.

    People generally fail to get beyond their egos and are intellectually lazy or unable to reason. It’s a problem. And not too many consider the moral of the story either. They aren’t even thinking in those terms, and their core values are undefined or devalued. They cannot see good/evil and are therefore prey to it.

    The posts apparently serve more than one purpose, and whether posted by time travelers or not, is likely not about anything that anyone is thinking, and not really legitimate since they’ve been tainted. There is an underlying truth to this that, if humanity would come to the realization that such a context even exists, could start widespread civil/global conflict, WW3.

    Most probably don’t want to know what is really going on.

    • ‘Most probably don’t want to know what is really going on.”

      ..what is interesting is, once the truth breaks through the obfuscation and the once that truth is recognized as existing, it devours one’s ability to return to the lie…

      • There is also an inversion of the same strategy when truth cannot yet be determined. Just throw a ton more obfuscation at them, expand the obfuscation level so much that they are overwhelmed. They have to respond in some way. When they do, simply watch what they do and gather information. They are bound to make mistakes.

        I see and determine that it is most likely A B and/or C. So I mix A B and C with D E F G H I J K L M N and O, etc.. and throw it back at them.

        It isn’t exactly the most efficient method, and it usually comes at a cost. But it is nonetheless effective.

        The beauty of it is knowing you are not guilty, thus free to engage without that kind of worry.

      • A handy technique to be certain. Orange you glad you have that particular frying pan to cook up your favourite dish? Be careful not to drop the fish in the fire. Mistakes are made, mistakes are observed and we learn a little bit more…

  2. Is it possible that John Titor prepared for Trump to win the election against the Deep State so that the Deep State could start being dismantled the Fall (October 26, 2017) when the Kennedy Assassination Documents are revealed?

    • The key to the Kennedy assassination[s] is in plain sight for all to see, ..if you know what to look for. You don’t need government. And anything government releases to the public is probably obfuscation or inconsequential bullshit anyway.

      Never trust government.

      • Well, of course, the Kennedy assassination[s] have much to reveal, about the world we live in….

      • ” Well, of course, the Kennedy assassination[s] have much to reveal, about the world we live in….”

        Like everything else, that is only one small part of it.

        Look at William Colby too. He is a more interesting character in my opinion. He was an intelligent and quiet adrenaline junky who was with the CIA from early on, and as I understand, hurt a lot of people. Like Kennedy he had a lot of ties to the Catholic church and Jewish connections too, spent a lot of time in Europe, Italy.

        He retired in the mid 1970’s as director after about 27 years or so, replaced by George H. W. Bush. Colby was apparently starting to have a lot of ethical questions in regard to his actions and place at the CIA. He was a part of some awful things, and, if I remember correctly, later settled a civil suit for about $10K.

        The circumstances of his death are also quite interesting.

  3. There was a Mandela Effect last year April – June time frame where the JFK Assassination (Zapruder Film) changed from a (4 seat / 4 person) car to a (6 seat / 6 person) car. It was also suspected that John Titor had returned around the same time that this Mandela Effect occurred. (Kay Titor thread on

    • There is no Kay Titor.

      Paranormalis is an apparent information control and collection site that, I suspect, is working for one or more intelligence agency. I don’t trust any of them or what they spew. None of it is honest.

  4. “A handy technique to be certain. Orange you glad you have that particular frying pan to cook up your favourite dish? Be careful not to drop the fish in the fire. Mistakes are made, mistakes are observed and we learn a little bit more…”

    Are you using cryptic nonsense to bait/fish for information again, trying to discern something? Why not just ask directly? What is it you are trying to figure out, TR?

    You trying to tell me something? Why not just tell me?

  5. One thing I noticed about the posts upon their discovery is that someone was mimicking my writing style and knew things about me, but was not me. I played along for the purposes of gathering information, probing and whatnot.

    Somewhere in the posts (November), you will find a reference to being a rebel.
    “…In the 4 years I served as a “rebel”, …”

    That is a cryptic reference to something that one who was digging into things might mistakenly think I was a part of. Rebel is a reference or code word. See how it is quoted?

    I wasn’t a rebel. But I know a lot of them. Someone, who has it, has been manipulating things and acting as me. That is one distinction. And that is only one small aspect of greater things.

    There are a lot of people obfuscating and trolling, manipulating and stalking, etc.. And it has caused me some issues. I am seeing the big picture and I think it is important that everyone quit messing around. What I see isn’t exactly a good thing.

  6. There was a lot going on around the time of the Titor posts. I encountered people who knew things yet to happen, things they should not have known. I encountered them right about the time the posts stopped.

    I suspect they were investigating me or perhaps manipulating, maybe even a means of confirming my whereabouts and activities. It was also around the time of 9/11 attacks. And I suspect that it has something to do with it.

    I didn’t do it, nor will I should I get an opportunity to go back. Someone knows this and a few other things.

    My issue is that I didn’t do anything to any of them, but they are all messing with me, and refuse me resolution. That’s a problem.

  7. I am seeing a great big trail of crap stretching back, in combination with people following me around messing with me for years. I know that the only way I can be a part of it is for me to travel back. I also know that if I did, that I would avoid it and all of those people.

    As nice as it would be to make a visit to ‘friends’, it is a liability because those people play games and are not honest. If I had that chance, I would bypass everything completely. No one would know anything, and I would be somewhere quietly minding my own business.

    I tried doing that anyway, but people had to mess with me and play games for years, perhaps my whole life.

    The whole Titor drama is basically a bunch of bullshit. And humanity has some issues they can’t even see.

  8. “A handy technique to be certain. Orange you glad you have that particular frying pan to cook up your favourite dish? Be careful not to drop the fish in the fire. Mistakes are made, mistakes are observed and we learn a little bit more…”

    This quote is a perfect example of one of the biggest issues within all of this time travel stuff and the bigger picture. People have been throwing this kind of nonsensical bullshit at me for many years.

    We should all be sitting around in person, knowing exactly who the others are and interests or motives, sharing information and discussing things in a board-room or classroom type setting, trying to figure out what to do with all of this.

    But what we are doing is playing stupid ridiculous games because you insist on such comments.

    What is supposed to be my favorite dish, TR? Am I supposed to have one? Am I supposed to make a reference to it so you can determine some obscure detail in order to do whatever bullshit game you are playing? I don’t have a favorite dish. I am not very picky about my eating habits. It’s all good to me. But go ahead and tell me what my favorite dish is supposed to be so I can play along.

    And if I did have a favorite dish, why would you know or care? What relevance does it have?

    Well, I think I know the answer to all of that. It is that it doesn’t matter because it is just a stupid game, another person in all of this who is more interested in stupid shit than truth. If not, then why don’t you talk straight?

    • If you don’t understand my ‘nonsensical bullshit’ perhaps you simply don’t have the ears to hear?
      We already know the power of remote viewing, don’t we “ever stem”? I wonder what another session might reveal?
      As Ever

      • Ever Stem is my name, and has nothing to do with remote viewing. And unless you are speaking in coherent sentences regarding relevant information, you may as well be quoting baby blabber.

        Because when you do that, it basically transla ..dw74505 wr0ort9tgkrfglhf efkeuf8e7yt9eut wefer98dywdos0f ojwfojrig kfjgiur8t458745.

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        f08SWE- Q[4BT8]-0T’Q0A9RUY][QAU;OYAU[T9 ?


  9. No one wants to continue? Is no one curious about anything?

    Y’all wanna talk about truth?

    Let’s bust this wide open? Shall we?

  10. We were a pretty dynamic group of kids. It was kind of normal for us to ridicule each other’s flaws and weaknesses. We basically picked on each other as a normal thing, and I don’t think anyone really cared too much.

    But there was this one kid in the bunch who probably got a bit more of his fair share of it. He was kind of awkward, and I suspect tolerated a lot of unnecessary crap for no other reason than to be accepted. He was actually a pretty cool kid, and smart too.

    I didn’t directly pick on him much, although my clique of friends did. Oh, I contributed to laughter and probably made some comments. (I don’t honestly remember too many specifics.) I do remember sympathizing with him, wondering why he got picked on like that.

    If I were to go back, I would like to find him when he was just reaching manhood, maybe hook him up with a boost in life that allowed him a means to not have to put up with anyone’s shit again.

  11. I’m sure that if Charlie Brown were a ghost, he’d be sure to keep the fish from jumping from the frying pan into the fire…he’d know it all.
    As Ever…

  12. “All is clear for those with eyes to see”

    ..or you could just be completely full of shit, spewing senseless babble.

  13. It is in vain to expect any great progress in the Sciences by the superinducing or engrafting new matters upon old. An instauration must be made from the very foundations, if we do not wish to revolve for ever in a Circle, making only slight and Contemptible Progress.

    • Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah…

      Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives, …

      Blah bl;ah blah blah…


    • No, TR. I was born into something that I want no part of, did not ask for, cause, or deserve. If I am looking for anyone, it is the rest of a list of those involved whom I consider a threat to my welfare and life.

      If I am ever to travel, I will completely avoid anyone and/or anything within a 300+ year range of my lifespan.

      Fight/flight, …get it?

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  18. So disappointed….has your talent for the expositive been spent? Is there nothing left? You remind me of SF’s failure.
    I think I will leave these up for a while.

  19. “All is clear for those with eyes to see”.

    What I know is this – from purely a logical and pragmatic viewpoint…

    June 26, 2017 there was a loss of 22, possibly 23 minutes. Possibly a shift to an alter verse. A small change was observed, denoting the shift. A witness of such included, further verifying the event.

    What I’ve learned. This is bigger than all of us. Not controlled by mankind itself. A possibility: it is individual as well. Effecting one person while not effecting others?

    My suggestion. Love the day given. Love those whom are in your day to day life. Forgive those who have hurt you. Love them too. Live for today. Do good. Be kind. Help a neighbor. Hold to the goodness inside you. Let no one steal it or your joy.

    Today is all we have been given. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Live for the moment, do your best, and let go of others actions. They may effect you by reason of cause and effect, but they can not effect your heart. Your soul. Your spirit. You own such. It is yours. And, only you can give power over yourself away. Or choose to keep it, and live in light still.

    • I have been consistently feeling or sensing what is apparently adjustments of the time line for several years. It’s actually rather turbulent at times. (excuse the pun)

      • When you choose to live your day to day life ever stem, focusing on the present, not focusing on the adjustment, it isn’t turbulent. Just a noted observation. I too have noticed it for years. It took a long time to get to the point to understand that ultimately it doesn’t matter, because there is a bigger picture involved that works all things for our good. That and separating completely from the “Titor” community was of the greatest help. It will be okay. 😉 Take care.

  20. Looked at the time. 8:08. Double eights. 2 eights. Ha! 😊 Eternal eternity. Just like was said. We must be on time. 🙂

  21. “When you choose to live your day to day life ever stem, focusing on the present, not focusing on the adjustment, it isn’t turbulent.”

    I don’t think you understand what I mean by turbulence. I mean a physical effect that has nothing to do with focus, …as in something I cannot control. I suspect it is side effects of travel, or perhaps of not traveling when I was ‘supposed’ to. …maybe effects of an extreme divergence.

    “Just a noted observation. I too have noticed it for years. It took a long time to get to the point to understand that ultimately it doesn’t matter, because there is a bigger picture involved that works all things for our good. That and separating completely from the “Titor” community was of the greatest help.”

    The “Titor community”, from what I have gathered, are, in large part, completely lost as to what all that actually means. I am not ready to explain it yet. I may never be. The biggest issue are those few who actually do know what it is about, the part that I am missing, denying me truths, manipulating and such.

    “It will be okay. 😉 Take care.”

    Probably not. As best as I can tell, the repercussions of all the games and BS and manipulation have manifest into a set of irreversible sequence of events whereby a lot of people are going to die. I cannot be sure exactly how many, but it appears to have already killed about 3 million.

    I estimate there are about 3 billion more to go.

  22. Most people’s concept of time doesn’t span more than a few years, forward or backward, from their current position, at least not more than their own lifespan. They may remember their childhood or be able to foresee enough to plan their retirement, things of that nature. They may be able to consider things from history class that go back a way, but are limited in their understanding.

    Most of what they perceive is relative to the self, self interests, and thus limits their ability. It is sort of a natural governor, a consequence of the nature of humans to be selfish. Most actions taken are within this context of their temporal existence.

    I see things on a much larger scale, not subject to the normal confines of time. Although I am still quite limited, in my opinion, I am seeing things as they relate across a several thousand year period, and not in the normal order that most understand it. Past present and future are fluid from my perspective.

    It is a very lonely position.

    It is being seven years old and knowing exactly where you’ll be and what you’re going to be doing when you’re 25. It’s watching Kennedy make the best sound moral ethical judgement, not realizing that it is not only unnecessary, but may adversely effect 70-100 billion people over a 4000 year span and/or kill a few directly. It is watching “Num7” or “Just A Citizen” or whoever delete an internet post, or 9/11 or a childhood friend tell a white lie, having no clue that they have not only just caused me a few weeks of extreme insanity but quite possibly have killed a few thousand people, …or more.

    And you can’t explain it to them. They’ll never be able to understand. And even if they were to grasp it on whatever elemental level they are able, they will still likely choose to act in self interest because it is simply not real to them, no matter how reasonable the explanation, no matter the evidence presented.

    Again, a very lonely position. I don’t like it, as powerful as it is. It is a torturous burden that, in many ways, I would rather not have, at least not without the power to make a difference.

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