The Poor Marksmen

angry baby2You hack my friends blog one more time and modify her posts to add offensive content and this will end up on my own blog for everyone to see. Not just this one, no. The wholr [sic] version which includes your family members and your beloved nephews (Kimberley’s kids). I suggest you don’t fuck with me and my friend or I’m gonna fuck with you harder. This is a warning


I received the above amateurish attempt at blackmail from Jason Fellini Corleone ( on Jul 11, 2017. Care to hear the whole story?

Read on, dear friends…You see, Jason seems to think that I vandalized a lunatic’s meaningless blog.  He also believes that he has identified the secret identity of Temporal Recon.

Additive to both of these sloppy miscalculations, he also laughably seems to think that this information is actually worth something. Unfortunately, Jason Fellini Corleone ( is monumentally wrong on all counts.

As Kirk said:

“Like a poor marksmen, you Keep. Missing. The Target.”


Temporal Recon plays with the little blackmailer as a cat plays with a ball of string



As for a little background:

Jason Fellini Corleone (, and his accomplice, Stella (, aka, aka, etc), have recently asserted that I ‘hacked’ her blog and inserted some bad words into one of her manifestos. This was supposedly accomplished during an adequately civil email conversation I was having with her recently which concerned a minor question on one mildly interesting point within one of Stella’s online rants.

No evidence was provided, of course.  Just wild speculation, accusations and threats. It appears that adulthood and critical thinking are things that that happen to other people…

It would seem that Jason Felline Corleone ( was unaware that Stella (,,, etc) and I were corresponding and wrongly accused me of the juvenile act. At this point, it is immaterial as to whether Jason acted on his own or if his criminal threats were at the behest of Stella considering Stella’s support for his actions after the fact (see below).


Which is Jason and which is Stella?

Adding to their Keystone Cops routine was the threat of physical harm which is ironically (and unfortunately) aimed at the wrong person.

It appears that Jason Fellini Corleone ( seems to have misapprehended a few things in making his criminal threat.  Blackmail relies on two key points:

  1. The victim’s desire to remain unexposed at all costs, and
  2. The fact that anyone else will even care about the exposure itself.

OhNoIt appears that Jason Fellini Corleone ( may have miscalculated the value I place on my anonymity (relative to blackmail attempts) as well as the desire by others to know Temporal Recon’s name. Does he not recognize that the sum total of anyone who could possibly care is impossibly small?

Funny-Tough-Boy-PictureThe John Titor environment is a niche within a niche within a niche; does Jason Fellini Corleone ( not realize this? Does he honestly believe I can be intimidated by an internet tough-guy?

And, as if that weren’t enough, he followed his first threat up with a picture of a young mother with (what is assumed to be) her young toddler child taken from what I can only surmise to be Instagram or Facebook with the following comment:

Beautiful kids uh?

Does this imply that Jason Fellini Corleone has identified a woman he believes to be my wife and child thus implying they are in danger? I’ll leave that for this child’s mother to decide.

Adding to the criminal threats made by Jason Fellini Corleone (, is Stella’s actual material support for his threat. It appears that it was Stella who provided Jason Fellini Corleone ( with the information where she was led to believe identifies me.  Her material support now, unfortunately for Stella, makes her an accessory to any misadventure that Jason Fellini Corleone ( may decide to embark upon. Full identifying information available to law enforcement upon request (no warrant required).

So everyone is clear, Stella and this person “Jason Fellini Corleone” claim that Stella’s blog had been hacked, blamed Temporal Recon and thus sent these threatening (and self-incriminating) threats with an juvenile attempt at blackmail.

And people wonder why I decided to remain anonymous…

On the day that I received Jason Fellini Corleone’s ( first email, I (naively) informed Stella that someone calling themselves her friend was seemingly and supposedly acting on her behalf by threatening this family and young children.  I say “naively,” because here is her response, in full:

Dear TR

Weird how you immediately though it was a friend of mine. But yes my blog was hacked and only the introduction was changed, adding cheap insults like piece of garbage, etc. I am honestly tired of you and you fuckin friends using my name to post things without my permission (FYI: identity theft) and hacking my stuff. My friend traced it back to Mr Bourne and you. He wasn’t that wrong since you confirmed to me you do know Mr Bourne that well. He said that you told your friend to hack it and gave him the email account related to it (autumngirl1105) because of my response to your email contact.

See, people tend to think I’m a harmless girl which, for the most part, is true. However, the people I know aren’t. The people I know are able to hurt another human being over 5 bucks. Jason has a million different online identities and fake pictures. He is from Queens and lives here “for business”. His whole family is originally from Calabria and Sicily and Queens. His whole family is related to….oh well, let me just skip that part.

Things have gotten way out of control and I need to put back some order. Jason revealed your plans of using my name to post JR’s identity here. Do you really want to do that? Are you that stupid? Of course you and your friends are. If you post his identity you won’t damage just him, but his whole family who is also in the US. You’d better not fuck with the Mexicans and that’s my advice. I have already sent out an email to JR to his current address to warn him of this.

Jason has got a lot of friends down in California, Oregon and NC. You must know, there may be an entire nice family disappearing in NC one day. My friend told me that side of the US has a lot of deep holes….people sometimes slip down and fall. With the earth movements, these holes can get filled out. They should be careful where they step when they go into the woods and take their walk, it’s always best to avoid holes.

It will be interesting to email all of your family to tell them what you do “on the side” and how you have fun hanging around hackers and bad people and steal identities and use them online just to put them all in danger. See, TR, you shouldn’t fuck with people when you don’t know what kind of friends they have.

The report on your identity is real. My friend would like to pass it to some government dude to have you blacklisted and investigated as an identity thief. Oh yes, the Italians do know people in the government too, don’t you think that it’s all extortion and murders. Some of it is but not all of it. That will be fun. See, TR, the whole point is not proving that TR is XXXXXXXXXXX [edited at the request of the family] or vice versa, no. The whole point of posting it online is to associate your real identity to this story and the illegal shit you do online to others through the use of your “friends”, just like it happened with Morey Haber. I’m sure it would damage your job. [edit: Is Stella implying here that associating Morey Haber’s name to the Titor story was purposeful to ruin his reputation? I can never remember, is that considered slander or libel? Both are illegal, obviously.]

Things happen when you cross the line that’s why my suggestion is to never do it.

We fight illegal with illegal because what you’ve bern [sic] doing is illegal.

In light of all this, I can suggest you and your friends do one thing: leave me alone, stop using my name without my permission and post stuff under my name, stop using your friends to hack into my property and just, you know, walk away.

Oh well, make sure you say hi to your family for me. They see pretty nice people 🙂

Yours truly

Speaking of which:

Before writing this essay, I got in touch with the family who Jason Fellini Corleone ( believes to be TR’s to apprise them of the situation. Thankfully, Jason provided identifying and contact information and I could contact them (thank you, Jason

Here is the family’s response:

“Thanks for letting us know about this. No, I haven’t recieved any emails or anything from this guy.  He’s prolly some dude and just trying be a hero and get laid.  I’ve heard of the John Titor story like a million years ago but had no idea there was these kind of asshats out there. Geez, get a life, right?

Threats like this are usually a big nothingburger so I’m not going to worry too much. This guy has seriously old information. I don’t even see the time we lived in Arkansas there! Seriuosly, I hope he didn’t pay for that info! haha. The email is still in use, maybe I’ll change it I don’t know but the addresses!  Heh, if he wants to come at a vet, bring it, bozo. 

Anyhoo, feel free to publish your answer though I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention my name since, from what you’ve told me about these Titor people I’m not too interested in dealing with all the wierdos. Please let me know if anything else develops that I need to know about.”

The family in question asked for copies of the emails, which I have happily provided to include all headers and meta-data. I do not know what they will do with them, make a formal complaint with their local police, FBI or DHS (considering the international nature of the threat, Stella’s citizenship and her accomplice). I will leave that for the family to decide.

I think it can go without saying that I have no plans concerning Stella. As the narcissist that she is, she believes everything is about her when, in fact, she is but a minor foot note in a story that she does not understand.

Stella has my pity, but not my attention.

As an aside, I have apologized to the family for inadvertently putting such an unwanted spotlight on them and they have accepted it, though the mother of the child is understandably concerned.

As Ever

aka Temporal Recon


PS: I have always found that a well-formed question to be more powerful than any proclamation, so I leave you with these questions:

  1. Why didn’t the JR that Stella met in 2011 want her to talk to TR?
  2. What date did I send my email to Stella to ask her about this?
  3. What date did Stella receive an email from the (not-so)mysterious Pine Barren Devil, Mr. Bourne?
  4. What date did I receive the emailed threats on my life?
  5. Who really was the actual perpetrator of the alleged hack of Stella’s blog?
  6. What was the actual purpose for the minor and juvenile changes to Stella’s blog?
  7. Is there a commonality that links questions 1 through 6?

(hint: of course there is)question gif

As you might imagine, I already have these answers, but I’m wondering if there are others who might be able to put this together?

Late Breaking Update:  I just received the following email from Jason Fellini Corleone (

Keep lurking around the blog to find a way to hack it with your buddies and…Stay the fuck away from the blog

Stay tuned to both this blog and the Temporal Recon Facebook page for more updates from the Stella-Jason Criminal Enterprise.


13 thoughts on “The Poor Marksmen

  1. I am very sorry Temporal, that you are enduring such. And, the family. I in fact feel sorry for everyone whom finds themselves dismayed, hurt, lost , losing their balance, humanity and kindness in regards to Titor.

    A very good friend said to me two days, “Just be the nice you. Everything will change”.

    Isn’t this true for all of us?

    Today I read, “love your neighbor as yourself”. So true…

    Truth be it, only that which is legitimate regarding Titor will come through Larry. The kindest man of them all…

    Everyone else may speculate, believe things untrue, state things unkind, fight over Titor… But, in the end, it isn’t worth it. Because, there is only person who truly knows. Chosen most likely because of his kindness and good heart.

    Oh how I wish people would give up the fight. We aren’t enemies. Just people…

    Hugs to all. I wish there was a better way. I always do wish for such.

    • “Truth be it, only that which is legitimate regarding Titor will come through Larry.”

      All those people claiming to own it, pretending to be part of it, are full of it and claiming to own what isn’t theirs, or are in very very big trouble. If they know what is good for them, they will openly confess to their lies and start refunding people’s money.

      • “Nice to hear from you, Everstem.
        …someone’s been a busy little bee…”


        982475P3457N457 8tVGFH;GNVOG


  2. How sad the nonsense continues, from all angles. Glad not to be a part of it any longer.

    My point was, kindness. From everyone that continues to chase Titor. Maybe, the greatest act of kindness would be to stop…

    Just a thought.

    • Thank you, Anonymous. Your kindness was recognized and appreciated. I wonder if it’s time to come out for a visit. The weather is nice, no?

  3. The weather is nice. Rather warm actually. The last time you were pondering a visit, it turned very cold, quickly. 🙂 Come on out next weekend if you can. Sunday would be great. Spend a day in the park. 🙂

    Ps. Thank you for noticing.

  4. You’re welcome to come for a fun filled day. No time travel, titor or people talk. 🙂 Just not worth it. Have no need. Have been asked to stay out of it completely, and I will. But, if you need an escape day just to enjoy yourself, come on down. 🙂

  5. Check this out, TR;

    I just created an account, then posted this;

    “Bull, Math …err…ummm…Cosmo.

    It’s not exactly a hoax per se’ and Haber and friends did not create it. You know that just as well as I do.

    What is a mystery is why you would spin it as such, or why those claiming responsibility or involvement would do so when considering the implications and how much trouble it can get them into.

    This tells me that they are largely unaware of just how big of a deal it is, how large in scope, or the underlying truths.

    What is also a mystery to me is why you people play your games, what your real motives are. It’s going to get you all killed eventually. Keep playing, stupids.”

    The post was deleted and my account was suspended within 5 minutes, and my IP banned from Curious Cosmo. Cosmo is scared of something and avoids conversations about truth.


      • Not really. …not unless it will result in truth. I want truth. …the parts that I am missing that are dependent upon others being honest.

        Private conversations are not adequately yielding as such. The only thing that seems to work is pressure and manipulation. …things like probing, pushing buttons to gauge responses and deducing from it.

  6. A year later, a beautiful day has come. The first of many. How we hold the most special of life close to our hearts. Ever guarding the sacred.

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