Mind Your Vs and Qs

V_for_Vendetta“V for Vendetta” is a film set in near-future Britain where a right wing government has taken hold that enforces controls on thought and deed, imposes restrictive curfews and provides only a highly censored central media to ‘inform’ the public. These controls are sold to the public in the name of safety necessitated by a past crisis. This mildly fictional and overpowering government’s presence is evident everywhere throughout the film, not least of which in the billboards seen throughout the film.

Is it possible that “V for Vendetta” was more than simply yet another good movie from the Wachowskis?

The story follows a single vigilante: the movie’s namesake, ‘V.’ ‘V’ is the product of government experimentation and has dedicated himself to destroying the despotic and unnatural status quo.

Vs broadcastEarly in the film, ‘V’ leverages the technology of the day by taking control of a television station to broadcast a manifesto that reminds the nation of the Party’s illegitimacy and criminality and Britain’s long-lost Freedom in the name of “security.”

v-familyIn his televised statement ‘V’ forces Britain’s citizens to confront the fact that  their government has slipped from its duty to protect and serve to one that perpetuates a sense of fear to maintain its need for total control.

Please take a moment to watch the broadcast scene. It’s importance will become apparent as our discussion progresses.


Batman_'66_-_Adam_West_as_Batman_2Now, contrary to the uninspired and typically vapid Hollywood screenwriters, this Wachowski film does not follow the typical formula of “vigilante-as-hero.” The lone warrior (‘V’) does not embark on righting the evils of the world by himself. This is no superficial and supercilious Hollywood superhero movie with simple tropes and one-dimensional characters.

the masses

Instead, ‘V’ enlists the power of the people themselves and rallies them through the illegitimate government’s own technology.

The movie, in fact, ends when the citizenry, not ‘V,’ demonstrates its own and long-forgotten power and wrests control from its tyrannical government.

And not incidentally, ‘V’ himself is notably absent during this final battle with illegitimate Authority. ‘V’ does not place himself at the front of the hordes of citizens waving an oversize British flag yelling, “Onward Righteous Citizens!”

Conspirator-Guy-Fawkes-1570-1606-attempts-to-plant-gunpowder-in-the-cellar-of-the-Palace-of-Westminster-531458 Instead, ‘V’ works underground (literally and figuratively) to remove the power of the illegitimate government and create an opening for the people by delivering the explosives that destroys Parliament (a symbol of the government’s infrastructure and control).

The point I wish to make here is that ‘V’s’ plan had three very important parts, none of which could be executed alone:

  1. The people had to be made to recognize their slavery
  2. The technology had to be present and utilized to deliver a message simultaneously
  3. The control had to be removed to provide a viable opening for the people.

Consider how the story might have ended if these pieces were not coordinated properly.

The-Elephant-RopeWhat would have happened if the technology didn’t exist for ‘V’ to speak to the British people en masse and instead he simply destroyed the symbol of Party control (the Parliament building)? The government would have quickly re-established itself because the people were not yet motivated to change the status quo.

Mary Ann Vecchio screams as she kneels over the body of fellow s

Kent State University, May 1970.

Now, consider how the story might have unfolded if ‘V’ had succeeded in his broadcast but not destroyed the Party’s control infrastructure. How would the burgeoning British Liberty Movement have fared if the people were united in purpose but the Party’s  control remained? Unfortunately, like all the other conflicts end where those with the guns slaughter those without the guns.

Having now laid the foundation, I ask you to read just a little further.

Is it possible that “V for Vendetta” is, by coincidence or design, playing out in the real world here/now?

Let me explain:

qIn October of 2017, posts began to appear by a user(s) going by the name of ‘QAnon,’ and later simply ‘Q.’

In the months since his first appearance, ‘Q’ has become a veritable worldwide phenomenon; a brush fire promising liberty and the rule of law within the minds of many.

hunt-red-october-hawaii-CIAAnd, as if to establish his own bona fides, ‘Q’ posts comments, pictures and predictions on topics that many believe could only be made by someone inside the Trump inner circle. He provides behind-the-scenes insights, observations and reminders to a worldwide audience which demonstrate a depth and breadth of understanding and knowledge. And, contrary to uninformed expectations, many of ‘Q’s’ predictions have, indeed, proven to be true. “Future proves past,” as our Friend ‘Q’ loves to remind us.

In as much as ‘Q’ portrays himself as something of a spokesman for the effort to dislodge the current power structure and personified in the Trump Administration, an underlying and ever-present part of ‘Q’s’ posts are his reminders that a plan is in place and that we should “Trust the Plan.” This is a direct and clear reference to the effort to reinstate representative government to the United States and abroad.

While an encyclopedia could be written about the ‘Q’ posts, predictions and cryptic statements, that is not the purpose of this essay. But, a good summary for what is occurring relative to the Q posts and other geopolitical events is provided in this video. It expresses the purpose and intent of the current effort, which ‘Q’ is but one facet. The name of the video is called, “The Plan to Save the World.” I implore you to watch it in its entirety. The reason why will become evident as you move through this essay.

I provide it here for you now


Do you find it at all curious the similarities of medium and message between ‘V’s’ monologue and the above video?


But who is ‘Q’ in the first place?

trumpMany in the online community believe that the only way ‘Q’ could make his well-known and cocksure pronouncements and predictions would be as a member of President Trump’s inner circle or possibly even the President himself!

Despite this very prosaic explanation, I might suggest an alternative explanation:

icuIs it perhaps possible that we are witness to the ‘final’ stages of a plan that has been in place for a great many years, whose fruits are only now appearing?

After confirming ‘Q’s’ affiliations and identifying the hidden connections, the realizations that I was making affected me so deeply that I was left rudderless for a short time. In fact, what I was seeing forced me to pause and reflect on the enormity of it all. It was later, after watching “V for Vendetta” that I found the proper dialectic with which to convey the overarching idea I had stumbled upon.  For that reason, I provided the reference to “V for Vendetta.” Not as a one-for-one stand-in, but rather merely as a roadmap to provide a look at the entire landscape of what we are experiencing now, day by day.

I dealt with my realization the only way I knew how, which ultimately inspired my most recent short story, “The Network.” Ironically, that short work did not adequately convey the true scope of what I had pieced together. I apologize.

On March 10, 2018 ‘Q’ posted the following tease:

“Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.”

q white rabbit

Jules Verne, John Titor and the Collective Unconscious

I put to you now that a great deal of evidence exists which points to the very likely proposition that the “Storm” that we are seeing now is the result of a plan set in motion many, many years “ago” by an Organization that stands outside of time itself; separate yet intrinsic to our existence and our very world. An “I Am, We Are” situation, to be certain.

If we are to understand that whole of the world around us, we must first admit that its totality is not visible to our normal senses; there are parts and sections that go unseen to the casual observer.


Another Wachowski film. Coincidence?

This may sound fantastical and unbelievable, I readily admit. And I do not make such pronouncements lightly. The idea that ‘Q’ and his posts are part of a decades/centuries-long “plan” that was put into motion by our ‘future’ selves is quite a large (red) pill to swallow.

Arguably, owing to my own interest in the ‘time travel’ topic, one might say that I am but a rhetorical hammer in search of its conspiratorial nail. Trust me when I tell you I have struggled with this possibility already, but the evidence is more than ample, self-reinforcing and difficult to misinterpret.


It is long past time for us to enter the deep end of the pool

Also, do not misunderstand: I am not talking about simply ‘time travel,’ the John Titor enigma or that ‘Q’ is something so easily comprehended as being a ‘time traveler.’

Rather, the scope of what we are seeing is orders of magnitude larger than just a piece of equipment or readily observed techniques at human manipulation.

Referring back to our roadmap, the movie “V for Vendetta,” we acknowledge that ‘V’s’ plan was composed of three primary components. Are we not seeing these components now?

Thinking rhetorically, let me ask you:

  1. (The Technology) How might the world have discovered the lawlessness of previous administrations were it not for the advent of the Internet, which provided the ability to avoid the mouthpieces of control and speak Truth directly to the people?
  2. (The People) How might the world have rallied, as we saw with TEA party rallies in America or the Yellow Vests in France without that same technology?
  3. (The Opening) Thus far, this is the only part of the plan not yet implemented, or is it? 62,000 sealed indictments don’t write themselves. Communications satellites don’t shut themselves off by themselves thus blinding the Deep State adversaries. Armies are not brought home of their own accord.  Need I go on?

If “V for Vendetta” is an appropriate map with coincidental yet accurate signposts, then, what exactly are we witnessing in the here and now?

And who was it that set this Plan in motion? Who was the one who opened the Door and set our course?

Why, it’s Math Any One Can Do! Just ask Johann Tetzel.


As Ever

Temporal Recon

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