Do Wolves Exist in a Lamb’s Worldview?

two-wolves-and-sheep2_thumbThere is a quote sometimes attributed to Benjamin Franklin.  I won’t pretend to know its true provenance nor swear that it has not been paraphrased down and translated into more modern terms, but the quote is:

“A Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for supper and a Republic is the lamb contesting the vote”

The underlying intent behind the quote is meant to concisely draw the distinction between a Democracy and a Republic and warns against the tyranny of the majority provided with a Democracy.

18th cent womanAssuming the quote originates in the 19th century, it is obvious and quite interesting that even those of that time had to be educated on the perils of a Democracy (otherwise the quote would not have needed being said). So perhaps our own ignorance now in the 21st century might be understood and forgiven. One would think that those living within a country founded as a Republic might have these definitions well understood, but perhaps not.

Nevertheless, the purpose of this essay is not to educate us on the difference between a Democracy and a Republic. As those who read these pages can attest, I am averse to writing the obvious. Instead, this essay is to draw your attention to the fact that you don’t know the difference. Perhaps the reason why we don’t know the difference will be a topic for an essay later?caldecott_067

If we remove the wolves/lamb simile into the concrete and imagine the discussion that might occur amongst the three, one thing is glaringly obvious: the wolves are quite aware of their place on the food chain. But even more startling is that the lamb is ALSO fully aware of his own situation. The lamb knows full well that wolves eat lambs. A vote amongst the three regarding their supper plans can only end with one outcome: mutton.

Regardless whether the lamb is educated or not, smart or stupid, popular or an iconoclast, he is knowledgeable of and pragmatic regarding the ways of wolves. He is aware of the wolves’ existence and their appetites. Can you say the same? Are you even acquainted with the very existence of those who would sup on your marrow?

gun_sheep_salute_the_new_year__by_isangkutsarangmoe-d8in3ecAnother version of the quote replaces ‘republic’ with ‘a well-armed lamb’ which provides the lamb’s ability to actively contest the mutton vote. This of course uses the quote to argue for unfettered access to arms and implies that it is only violence or its threat that keeps the wolves at bay. Perhaps. But again, it is the lamb’s knowledge of the wolves’ appetites that provides the necessary information for his own self-preservation.

So why is it that so many for so long have argued for majority rule in the affairs of wolves and lambs? I draw your attention to the recent cries to eliminate the Electoral College from ignorant puppets as predicted in the book Conviction of a Time Traveler.

In case you have not been paying attention there are several within the political sphere that are arguing that the Electoral College is archaic and, in the vernacular of our times, ‘racist.’ One ‘representative’ has even gone so far as to call the Electoral College “affirmative action for rural areas.”

I don’t necessarily expect the movement (as small as it is) to succeed in abolishing the Electoral College, but they will try…

And if you are still on the fence as to whether ‘time travel’ is a q white rabbitreal thing, I submit to you for your consideration that my small work on the topic actually predicted attempts to abolish the Electoral College based solely on the statements of the man claiming to be a ‘time traveler,’ John Titor. Of course, my prediction was not difficult to do as long as you know and ‘understand their comms’ (to borrow a QAnon oft-repeated statement). Nevertheless, I will take the bow relative to the fact I was the first to understand them.

Returning to the topic for this essay, there are two equally likely answers why lambs will work for their own slaughter:

The_cliqueOne possibility is that those arguing for ‘majority rule’ are FULLY AWARE of the power that true democracy would provide to a (wolf) majority and actively work to ensure it. However, this knowledge is colored by the false belief that they are also wolves, that they are  or will be part of the ruling clique!

Only too late do they (perhaps) discover that they have only ever been “sheep in wolves clothing” and that the true wolves of the world never (ever) considered them as part of their pack. These lambs I pity the most. I pity them because they fervently believed in detroit-slumssomething that simply was not true and they only discovered the truth only after they were faced with the butcher’s blade; they were “useful lambs” to borrow Stalin’s epithet.  I point to any resident of Detroit who continues to vote for the same failures cycle after cycle in the hopes that they will receive the boons of a corrupt government.

Another equally plausible reason that a lamb will argue for his own destruction is that he is wholly ignorant of a wolf’s nature or even the wolf’s very existence. If the lamb has been kept in a pen all his life, if the lamb’s parents and grandparents also lived out their lives in that same pen, then how could the lamb ever consider the possibility that his shearing is in preparation for something horrible? How might a lamb in such a controlled environment ever imagine what ‘slaughter’ even was? Shadows of H.G. Wells’ innocent (and surely tasty) Eloi, perhaps?

Of these two possibilities, which are you? Which are your friends? Or are you fully aware of the wolves’ existence and appetites but you hope he will eat you last?

qRecently, I have seen the metaphorical conversation between the two wolves play out in real time. It has been mainly on social media and, of course, it is ubiquitous. So many miss the fangs of the wolves and readily ally their lamb-selves with the wolves.

It truly is a sorry state to see, but I also see insigniaa Great Awakening to the wolves’ existence. This awakening has been planned for…well, suffice it to say, a great many people have expended a great deal of blood and treasure working to facilitate and implement the events of this time in our history.grand-portal

Some years ago, I read an Integral interview from the late 1990’s with a very knowledgeable person named “James.” In this interview, “James” posits that Americans are the most lied to people on the planet.


And in order to propagate those lies, the most sophisticated influence operations in all of human history have been leveraged against the American people (and the world) in an effort to get the lambs to act against their own best interests.

BrokenFence04But the times, they are a-changin’. The levers of control no longer work as they once did. The old methods are stale, out-moded and made obsolete by 21st technologies. Only now are the wolves realizing that they are behind and need to catch up.

And it is this desperation to regain control of ‘the narrative’ that we are seeing play out in real time, literally everywhere. 

interconnected-worldIt is a self-evident truth that the Internet has been extremely powerful in bringing people of varying backgrounds together. This, by its very nature, allows a very large degree of sharing (or disseminating) information across a huge swath of the planet’s population.

At first, this was seen as a neat trick; a fun way to share pictures of Grandma tripping over an inattentive dachshund. Going completely unnoticed at first, the world discovered this new ability to share also worked to connect us at a much deeper, more subtle, level. At some point (and it wasn’t so long ago), this worldwide connecting also became apparent to the wolves. And with the disappearance of our previous separation through our virtual interconnectedness, so too gone were the days where the old control paradigm worked as it always had.

Today, the limits imposed on the world’s control systems which once existed through national boundaries (New York Times or Pravda) are now gone. The Internet offers pure efficiency that is absolutely unprecedented in all of human history. This point cannot be stressed enough. Americans can now watch Russian television and vice versa. Mainland Chinese now have access (surreptitiously for now) to alternative sources of information beyond the government’s mouthpieces. The same could be said for the Americans, the British, the French, the Saudis.

Do you believe we would have seen images of Hong Kongers waving the American flag during their protests in a pre-internet era?

Unfortunately for the wolves, they were slow to realize the true power of an interconnected world. You see, from the wolves’ perspective, an interconnected world merely meant a more efficient means to disseminate the Great Lie of Separation.  But unfortunately for the wolves the world became more interconnected before they understood how one world, acting together, was not a boon to their control but rather an existential threat.

google censorEven though the wolves are now attempting to corrupt the free flow of information in an interconnected world, they are too late. The die is cast and the future is now set (it always has been so, truth be told).

Do not mistake the wolves’ attempts to reestablish control over you or your thoughts as the wolves gaining any ground against your freedom.

Because they are not, they cannot.

The lambs are becoming more and more aware of the wolves’ very existence where before they had no inkling to what a wolf even was. Their new perceptions of the true world around them has been planned for, expected, for a VERY long time.

Take solace in the idea that the lambs were never alone in their fight. It is only now, after a slow build of required events and eventualities, may we lambs see the fenceposts encircling our minds, our very thoughts and demolish them.

In the interconnected world that now exists, the wolves’ greatest weapon of Separation and Division, dissolves into meaningless froth.

Trust the Plan

Temporal Recon

One thought on “Do Wolves Exist in a Lamb’s Worldview?

  1. ” Sheep/wolves ”

    While I can certainly appreciate the clever comparisons and word-play, I posit there is little to no difference between forms of government. The ultimate product of all forms of government is slavery, and through a common practice of coercion/force and extortion. Government is nothing but systematic violence, evil.

    ” It is a self-evident truth that the Internet has been extremely powerful in bringing people of varying backgrounds together. This, by its very nature, allows a very large degree of sharing (or disseminating) information across a huge swath of the planet’s population. ”

    The widespread sharing of ideas is severely injured. I attribute this to a bunch of narrow-minded control freaks with no appreciation for differing opinions and perspectives, no tolerance for what they/others may find offensive.

    Everything is tracked and monitored with a threat of consequence hanging over it. And comment sections are nonexistent over-moderated or require an account. This kills free speech, acts as an inhibition to actually say what you mean or want to say, or it simply doesn’t allow it. This sharing of ideas nonsense is nothing but a coerced echo chamber of peer pressure.

    Anyone/everyone should be able to go to any site with a comment section and be able to say whatever they want, however offensive abstract or unpopular, without being tracked in any way shape or form or having to apply or register anything, without being moderated, deleted or whathaveyou. Then it would truly be free speech.

    People don’t know how to simply let go of their need to control others. It’s pathetic and frustrating.

    ” It is for this reason (among others, of course) that puts the lie to Basiago’s and others’ claims of government-sponsored ‘time travel’ programs. Rest easy. ”

    As you already know, I’ve discovered tons of evidence/proofs of time travel. Much of it requires cooperation of individuals or organizations in whatever positions to facilitate it. Some of them are in governmental positions. If governments don’t have time travel, there are at least people within them that are involved in some capacity, perhaps even trying to get in on it or mess with it in some way.

    This is terribly worrisome, as government is systematic evil, a violent quagmire of contradiction and utilitarianism, and should never have access to time travel. Something as god-like as time travel should be reserved for the most reasoned and ethical of our species. At the very least, one should have an acute understanding and immense appreciation for inalienable rights and personal responsibility. …not to mention excellent problem solving ability, among other things. A government time travel program is a nightmarish scenario to consider – very scary.

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