There Is No Such Thing As An Elaborate Hoax – The Tor Rebuttal


In the years that I have investigated the ‘time travel’ phenomena and its related components (both direct and indirect) I have discovered numerous examples of legitimate ‘time travel’ claimants and evidence of their presence, both past and present.

Similarly, I have also stumbled across legitimate claims of other esoteric topics only indirectly related to ‘time travel.’  These are fun connections to make and add to the richness of the reality which we all inhabit. Just as no man is an island, so too are seemingly disparate topics of esoterica. I am consistently amazed at the interconnectedness of things and just how little of the world we truly know.  This passage from Emerson’s “Circles” is illustrative of my point:

The key to every man is his thought. Sturdy and defying though he look, he has a helm which he obeys, which is the idea after which all his facts are classified. He can only be reformed by showing him a new idea which commands his own.

The life of man is a self-evolving circle, which, from a ring imperceptibly small, rushes on all sides outwards to new and larger circles, and that without end. The extent to which this generation of circles … will go depends on the force or truth of the individual soul.

… the heart refuses to be imprisoned; in its first and narrowest pulses, it already tends outward with a vast force, and to immense and innumerable expansions.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Clock-Works-4f1b0f8512bc8_hiresAs I explored these topics, in addition to these legitimate claims and examples, I also discovered players upon the stage whose purpose is to obfuscate the Truth of things. Some call it “disinformation” while others call it “deception.”

razimus2Among the masks these deceivers wear is the mask of legitimate inquiry. Those who wear this façade are not agnostic skeptics following the evidence where it may lead. Rather, they are agent provocateurs whose aim is to disenfranchise those curious souls ever-attempting to expand their own personal Circle of Thought.  Regardless of the term or technique, the debunker’s underlying aim is definitively not Truth, but rather to maintain the status quo of the Illusion.


Glyphs observed by Penniston at Rendleshem

These faux “investigations” can be a particularly effective method to hide the Truth because they not only take advantage of our own built-in naivete, but they also arrogate specialized investigatory skills and tools and imply that these skills are not possible or available to those without ‘special training.’  That is to say that “investigations” carry a presumption that the investigator is better equipped or more skilled than someone not professionally trained. Unfortunately, this technique works in a great many of the cases.

13563-universum_cropped_2_1_1_1_1_1One such example of a debunker-in-skeptic’s-clothing is the internet personality, Starfire Tor.  Tor leverages all the tools at a debunker’s disposal to discredit the very real events surrounding the Dragonfly Drone events of the early 2000’s.  Were I as ignorant of these techniques as her general readership, I, too, would have been led to believe that the Dragonfly Drones were an “elaborate hoax” as Tor claims in her “investigation.”

Unfortunately for Tor however, I am not ignorant of these techniques that she sloppily uses to hide the Truth of the drones.  I saw through her feeble attempt to debunk the very real dragonfly drone pictures and multiple eyewitness testimonies and I bring to you now evidence of her manipulations.

This essay will be (can only be) a general summary overview of the rhetorical tools leveraged by Ms. Tor in her attempt to dissuade you of what you instinctively know to be true. Trust yourself for you are more powerful than you realize.

First some background:

Several months ago, I read an interesting article on Facebook by the online personality “Starfire Tor” regarding the appearance across the United States between 2006 and 2007 of what came to be known as “Dragonfly Drones.”

iu (2)The headline of Tor’s essay proclaimed that these “dragonfly drones” were hoaxes. Now, I had researched this topic myself and, interestingly, came to the very opposite conclusion. Did I miss something? Were my theories and conclusions unsound or based on a weak foundation? I wished to learn more, perhaps I missed something. My curiosity was now piqued and thus I read Tor’s essay to learn her reasoning.

As I worked through her piece and saw the obvious attempts to manipulate the reader, a gnawing doubt began to grow in the recesses of my mind until it was screaming. Could her conclusions not be a simple mistake but rather purposefully obtuse?

Once I finished, I was left to surmise that her work was not the serious and sober ‘investigation’ she wanted her readers to believe. Her essay was nothing more than an effort to debunk at all costs; the only thing Tor didn’t do was call the drones swamp gas or Venus reflecting off a moonlit lake.  I actually felt stupider for having read it.

Klass1977After I read her essay I was faced with a choice: Do I rebut or do I not?  Am I even obligated to provide a countervailing argument? I slowly realized that Tor could not be so obscenely obtuse in her viewpoint on the drone events by accident. When she presented pictures of a literal kitchen whisk and bicycle sprocket as “proof” of a hoax, I knew immediately that she was not investigating; she was debunking.  Phillip Klaas and all his disingenuous ilk would have been proud.

I later publicly offered Starfire Tor (via comment on her Facebook page) a debate concerning the drone question. I envisioned a thoughtful discussion between two thoughtful people concerning an enigmatic event (or non-event, per Ms. Tor) for the benefit of the reader.  Reasonable people can disagree, no?

Unfortunately, my public offer was deleted wholesale and without comment, private message or explanation.

She didn’t decline my offer.

She didn’t accept my offer.

She ignored my offer; and not only did she ignore it, she removed the offending offer so those who follow her would know nothing of the alternative viewpoint’s existence.

I have crafted this piece in the form of a summary of the manner in which Starfire Tor attempts to debunk the evidence of very real events. This summary uses five short examples of Tor’s manipulations that at first glance appear completely reasonable, but under closer scrutiny are revealed to be utter rhetorical garbage.

These examples are, by no means, the only examples of manipulation, false logic or ludicrous “proof” of a hoax in Tor’s “investigation.”  But in the interest of brevity alone, I must limit myself; Tor’s hubris and arrogance is stupefyingly obvious if you are sensitive to it.

Let’s begin:

Point One – The Faulty Foundation:

In the opening paragraphs of Tor’s piece, she states:

“…[The drone pictures] should not be automatically accepted or rejected without a sincere and intelligent investigation.”

Now who can argue with that?  How gratifying to see such an even-handed and mature approach! Unfortunately, it is flawed and provided only to give you, the reader, a sense of Ms. Tor’s self-proclaimed sober approach. It is intended to only soften your defenses.  Beware of golden-tongued devils.

iu (1)Any investigator who ignores their own knowledge and experience is no better than a beginner or neophyte.  Experience and Knowledge count. If one knows what signposts to look for that indicate the presence of (let’s call it) “unique technology,” then remaining agnostic is completely unnecessary. To do otherwise ignores how literally any sentient animal interacts with the physical world. You may confirm your informed suspicions with further inquiry but to remain impartial in the face of bold evidence is a bit of a time-waster.

Let me explain:

bangkok trafficImagine yourself in your bed at night as you drift off to sleep when suddenly you hear a car engine outside your bedside window. The noise you hear sounds like a car engine, but is it?

Do you require “proof” that the noise you heard, which sounds suspiciously like an internal combustion engine, is so?

Or can you be certain that the sound that woke you actually belongs to an automobile without physically laying eyes on the offending noisemaker?

imgresOf course you can. You don’t need to see the car to be reasonably sure it IS a car because you have lived your life and heard a car starting untold times. As a result, 99% of the time you will be correct, which is perfectly sufficient to live in, and interact with, the physical world.

More specifically stated, it is wholly unnecessary to know anything with 100% certainty in order to understand and interact with the physical world.  We merely need to be right most of the time.  To live in the physical world, we need only deal in likelihoods.

iu (3)The same goes for the drone pictures presented in 2006 and 2007. As it happens, the drones exhibited certain unique characteristics (outlined in my essays here and here) that indicated they truly were “unique technologies.” Because this evidence (not “proof”) points to the presence of a unique technology, we can make the statement that the likelihood is high that these photographs are legitimate.  Absent any information (‘evidence’) to the contrary only solidifies our position.

Isaac_CARET_Pacl_3At this point it is important to drive home this point: we do not believe the pictures are legitimate without evidence of their uniqueness or simply because “Chad said so.” It is the very existence of corroborating evidence provided separately and beforehand that lend credibility to the photographs’ authenticity that are currently under study.

One should notice here that I am not making any definitive statement as to “is” or “is not” versus “likelihood.”  This nuance is, of course, completely lost on the “professional investigator” Starfire Tor. Tor, it appears, lives in the world of absolutes and conclusions based on incomplete information.  Even scientific conclusions only requires a 95% certainty to be considered true in most cases (sometimes it is less!). A man may be condemned by the preponderance of the evidence, not 100% “proof.”  Why is Starfire Tor holding the first-hand eyewitnesses to the Drones to a higher bar than our judicial system with origins that are centuries old?

I also want to make exquisitely clear that I am NOT calling the Dragonfly Drones extraterrestrial in nature, nor am I putting total faith in the statements by “Isaac” who claimed knowledge of similar technologies.  I am merely stating that the drone photographs exhibited certain markers and characteristics that were reminiscent of known-extraterrestrial technologies.


Point Two – The Embedded Bias of Ms. Tor

From Tor’s essay:

“And how did ‘Isaac’ claim to know all of this detailed and classified bombshell of information? According to ‘Isaac’, he was an insider with hands on involvement in the 1980s black ops project, and used his position of trust to steal copies and originals of the top secret material he was now presenting to the public [emphasis mine].”

iuJudging from the tone of Tor’s writing, her disdain for “Isaac” is very obvious from the outset. Do you see it?  As devil’s advocate, how does she know the dragonfly drones seen in the skies of California and later discussed by ‘Isaac’ are not part of a Controlled Disclosure Program? A private organization’s research project? An actual extraterrestrial craft? A holographic projection by some evil cabal?  Do you see how she jumps to conclusions and is incapable of remaining truly impartial?  To remain skeptical or impartial means that all potentialities are possible; all hypotheses exist until they are individually removed from contention.

Consider, if she were truly as impartial as she claims, all of these possibilities should EQUALLY be possible:

  • The pictures were genuine
  • The pictures were legitimate and controlled by government entities
  • The pictures were legitimate and controlled private industry research project
  • The pictures were a wholesale fabrication by government entities
  • The pictures were a wholesale fabrication by private industry
  • The pictures were a wholesale fabrication by private individuals
  • Or some other, as-yet unknown, explanation.
  • A mix of all of the above.

As you see, the full range of possibilities range from ‘genuine’ to ‘fabrication’ with any number of intermediate flavors along the way.  Does Tor appear to consider this range or does she operate in a true/false environment with no room for nuance? And, reading her work, does she tend to bias towards one end of the range?  Does bias imply objectiveness or someone who has already made up her mind?

Considering all the above possible explanations for the pictures and how Tor immediately jumps to the hoax-by-private-entities explanation, why?  Does Tor sound as impartial as she claims to be? Or does her hoax conclusion appear to be biased? Why?

Point Three – Manipulation of the Reader

cronkiteThere are numerous examples of Tor’s manipulations of the reader, but I will limit myself to her Appeal to Authority technique here:

Within her essay, Tor describes how the famous Whitley Strieber himself sought out Starfire Tor’s assessment of the Dragonfly Drones.  Later in the piece she claims that other private “groups” asked for her assistance in researching the drone events and photographs. It would appear that Starfire Tor wants to ensure that you know that she is quite the UFO expert and highly regarded by others.  Is this perhaps a self-congratulatory attempt to get the reader to buy into her position of authority?


Whitley Streiber

According to Tor (no evidence is given), Strieber sent her photographs of the Dragonfly Drones and asked her opinion of the photographs and the claims of an insider known as “Isaac.”

Because Tor provided absolutely no evidence that either of these requests ever occurred they are, in fact, meant to position her, and your opinion of her, into a place of authority.  She wants you to believe that she is a knowledgeable and trusted person (trusted by none other than the famous Whitley Streiber!) that you, too, should trust.

This is a form of the “Appeal to Authority” argument, much akin to the “Nine out of ten dentists agree…” trope seen in any dentifrice commercial.

Point Four – Kill the Messenger

Isaac_CARET_Pacl_2Many times, when the data does not support your position, a debunker will attack the messenger instead of the message. This way the debunker can call into question whether the information is even worthy of inspection by the great unwashed masses. In addition to making specious arguments against Isaac as well as presenting laughable pictures as “proof” of a hoax, Tor also takes a swing at the several and independent witnesses who also have photographic evidence of their claims.

Alleged witnesses with photographs … came forward through the use of e-mails and internet sites. The allegedwitnesses claimed to have taken their photographs at various times and dates in Bakersfield, California; Big Basin, California; Capitola, California, and Lake Tahoe, Nevada. ‘Isaac’ joined in with his own claims, including photographs…”

“Alleged” witnesses?  What in the story makes their presentation of the evidence “alleged?”  I have to wonder: if separate witnesses with separate photographs in separate locations who (at face value) do not know each other and are willing to stand by their evidence is NOT sufficient evidence of actual events, then what is?

Tor also incredibly finds fault that the witnesses/claimants came forward via email and discussion forums. Are we now disparaging 20th century modes of communication and collaboration?

Isaac_CARET_Pacl_00Also, of note in these excerpts is the notable disparaging mention of Isaac, who Tor claims, “joined in.” It is important to observe what Starfire is doing here. She first attempts to smear the witnesses/claimants and then artificially connects Isaac’s supporting testimony as if he were coordinating with Chad, Chad’s wife, Rajaman, Jenna, Ty and Stephen. This is misleading at best and an outright lie at worst.

In point of fact, the photographic and testimonial evidence was publicly provided and then, only later, did “Isaac” separately participate in the discussion to comment that the drones appeared reminiscent of work he did in the 1980’s.

Point Five – Provide “Kitchen Sink” Evidence of the Hoax:

This final aspect of Starfire Tor’s ‘investigation’ is, by far, the most laughable. And it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

In order to bolster her (flimsy) opinion that the Drone photographs were hoaxed, Tor presents pictures of typical household items that bear a resemblance to the Drones and declare, that because these objects are similar, they ARE those things. No, I’m not kidding, she actually did this.

Here are some photographic examples that Starfire Tor claims “prove” the Drones were hoaxed:

Now, we might ask:

What is more likely?

  • Separate individuals witness the same/similar objects in the sky exhibiting capabilities reminiscent of previously-documented esoteric technologies, document the objects, and posted pictures online or
  • An “elaborate hoax” was perpetrated by unknown group(s) for unknown reasons with no outward results.

Regarding the oft-repeated “elaborate hoax” explanation: Tor, as her debunking co-conspirators, explicitly uses this as an explanation in her own attempt to debunk the Dragonfly Drone events:

“…As the investigation progressed, the shared character symbols proved to be the evidence that connected all of the ‘aerial drone’ and ‘anti-gravity’ ET reverse engineering claims to the same elaborate hoax.”

Please allow me to state for the record:  There is no such thing as an “elaborate hoax.”  They do not exist.

Have you ever seen an elaborate hoax? No. In fact, hoaxes are actually nakedly simple and obvious. Hoaxers themselves generally openly admit their hoax in very short order.  As previous examples have shown that, generally, any hoaxer will eventually admit to his lie and he will usually do so in the space of days or weeks.  What he will generally not do is wait (literally) years as was the case of John Titor’s claims of ‘time travel’ or the Dragonfly Drones.

This is important and warrants reading closely:

Debunkers must resort to labeling very real phenomena “elaborate hoaxes” because their contorted explanations and logical gymnastics absolutely require a similarly complex hoax to accompany these tortured explanations.

Many forget that the Truth is very rarely at all complex. Truth is simple. Truth wants to be known. Truth is easy to understand.

Isaac_CARET_Pacl_1This essay is not meant to understand the Dragonfly Drones but rather to highlight Starfire Tor’s methods to debunk a very real series of events.

She is not the ‘reasoned and sober investigator’ she holds her out to be, she is a debunker in skeptic’s clothing.

Frankly, I was a bit disappointed to learn this about Tor. I have perused her website from time to time and, while I have generally given her the benefit of the doubt in her false conclusions regarding ‘time travel,’ I will no longer do so.  She merits no benefit and a large helping of doubt regarding her true intentions.

In fact, looking back at her work with a more critical eye, one notices that she is quick to explain phenomena that have no concrete or physical evidence (such as “time shifts,” the “Matrix” or other esoteric topics). But when faced with actual physical evidence and eyewitness testimony, suddenly Starfire Tor can’t be convinced, ever.  Don’t you find this curious?  Misinformation at its finest.

As Ever

Temporal Recon

P.S. : Research continues into the Dragonfly enigma in several places across the internet, to include a Facebook page.  The depth and quality of inquiry is truly inspiring and to be respected.  Did you know sitings of these dragonfly drones date back to the early 1980’s and have been seen as recently as 2015?


58 thoughts on “There Is No Such Thing As An Elaborate Hoax – The Tor Rebuttal

  1. “There is no such thing as an “elaborate hoax.” They do not exist. Have you ever seen an elaborate hoax? No…”

    What do you call Santa Clause?

  2. It’s an elaborate hoax of course. And what did we learn about Elaborate Hoaxes?
    Thanks for paying attention.
    As ever

  3. A very convincing rebuttal, especially point 5, which alone supports your arguments. I have all three of the “Kitchen Sink” items shown in the essay – egg beater, bike tire rim, and a circular cutting blade. And as hard as I try, I can not seem to get them to hover over the power lines outside my house. Maybe Tor can tell me what I am doing wrong.

  4. Either…

    A – She has a twin that no one knows about and who there is no records of, who looks like and acts like her, looks like her whole family, who has children that look like her whole family, who knows something about the context, who has also been stalking me, who etc., etc., etc., ..just like her.

    B – Someones went through an extraordinary amount of trouble to fake the virtually impossible by finding someone who looks like and acts like her, looks like her whole family, who has children that look like her whole family, who knows something about the context, who has also been stalking me, who etc., etc., etc., ..just like her, and a long list of details that even evil manipulative geniuses couldn’t fake, to include hiring a very young child actor whose talent far surpasses even the most legendary thespians Hollywood has ever produced, and is able to fake the most subtle things, etc etc etc..(a.k.a. an elaborate hoax)

    C – Multiverse theory is correct, and the OTHER her has moved to this world.

    D – That was her.

    D is the one supported by an abundance of circumstantial evidence, and is a bit odd when considering the circumstances. There is a rather significant (and thus far inaccessible) piece of physical evidence that would settle any doubt as to the truth. But I’m going with D – that was her. If it is B, then I know who is behind it.

    Oh, and coincidentally, she made a reference to something I once mentioned to you, TR, in an email. (…which isn’t the first time that’s happened, and why I like to sling a lot of bullshit everywhere, just to watch info circulate)

    She looked a little healthier than expected, IF that was indeed her. Only a DNA test can truly confirm.

  5. Yes, the evidence is abundant in support of D. The odds of Tor being simply a persona with a team of individuals operating the character like so much of a very complicated muppet are extremely…

    ANd I agree, following information flow is a well-worn CI tactic. And of course measuring its impact is…

    • Yeah, whatever that meant… I’m talkin’ ’bout sump’n’ diffrent.

      Applying reason/logic to all the facts and clues, etc., ..was that her? Yeah, probably, most likely, …of course that was her. But the circumstances call for a higher standard of accuracy. It is not 100% absolutely confirmed her. Which really means/counts as no. If it’s not a 100% yes, it has to count as a no. Probably not, maybe, probably so, almost sure, all really count as no. So while I know it was her, I don’t actually know for certain it was her. Thus I will either not act on it or will do so considering it as only a guess.

      But, in spite of the obvious significance of that being her, for all practical intents and purposes, it doesn’t matter whether it is A B C or D or whatever. What I DO know is that she is obviously just another person following me around stalking me, playing a bunch of weird fuct up manipulative games with my life. And I’m pretty pissed off at her for it.

      I have been steadfast in figuring things out, have made a lot of progress. Part of that is finding a bunch of clues and evidence leading to this or that person institution or social group or family or whatever, then digging to find more surrounding them, maybe poke around a bit, then watch them do a bunch of sneaky shit in response, thus further confirming their part in all of this. I see them. I see them all do what they think they can get away with rather than the right thing to do. …her included.

      But I also see more of her position, and that her responsibility is limited (presuming she’s not running amok with a time machine). This shit all started long before her and I and many others were born or even thought of. And she knows I don’t mean to hurt her because I more than proved it.

      She (and everyone) needs to cease with the BS. Whatever everyone else is doing, I’m approaching this situation as a stalker problem with a ton of extraordinary complicated bullshit attached. I’m exhausting peaceful options and avenues of ‘the right thing to do’. And I basically see anything involved that isn’t honest as a threat and therefore a potential target.

      “Nice” and “The right thing to do” needs to work here.

      Luke 10:25 – 37

      • A friend is someone who gains your trust under false pretense in favor of future exploitation and betrayal. Why so many people brag about have them, why anyone would want to be friends with a pathological disaster such as myself, is a complete mystery.

        Girlfriends are basically risk vs reward – can you play along with their life like either of you really care and convince them to fuck and get rid of them before they get a grip and wreck your life? …or are you lucky to have one that’s trying to get rid of you first?

        Family is similar to friend, only you can’t dump them and have an obligation to accept the abuse.

        Mom means go to hell and dad means ______.

        Wife is like friend, only the pain is magnified 100 fold. The only upside is that you get to fuck them for a while before they ruin you.

        With children/grandchildren comes pain that’s a google fold of the wife-pain, but with the additional element of only being able to blame yourself for what you couldn’t overcome.

        Stranger or acquaintance means potential enemy, a potential threat to your ‘friends’ and ‘family’.

  6. Here’s the logic;

    What I DO know is that there is a network of people following me around playing weird manipulative games with my life, getting into my business, harassing me, etc. And it has apparently been going on for a long time, all the way back to my birth…which is basically a war of attrition waged against me and my life.

    No one will simply explain themselves, voluntarily or when asked or pressed, or hinted at. Always bullshit. Thus there is no other available explanation, only what is apparent; that they are a threat.

    All attempts at reasonable peaceful resolution have been thus far fruitless. They are all still full of shit, playing games and being sneaky. (…as if I don’t see them. – *sigh*)

    The right thing to do, while I am still giving many of them the benefit of the doubt, is to speak to me directly and explain exactly what they are doing as it pertains to me. …as in everything, the truth, whole truth and nothing but.

    • They are the perpetrators. They are the ones who started it. They are the ones who stalk me.Therefore THEY are the ones who need to prove their trustworthiness to me. …which is basically what I am demanding from them.

      All I know is that they are a threat. They need to prove otherwise.

      • And to note; I have already more than proven, to several of them, my willingness to play nice and be a grown up about it.

        They are not responding. They are reluctant, squirming and evading, avoiding it like the plague, because they’re guilty as hell and know it.

      • @ anon

        Yes! …and thank you. I dunno who you are, but I like you already.
        But what I am dealing with is SO weird complex and extraordinary, I’m not even sure where to start.

      • The beginning? …as if.
        One element to this is time travel. And we’re talking a span of about 3500+ years. Trying to sort this out is like counting numbering and organizing all the particles in a baby powder factory. And there isn’t exactly a “beginning”. …more like a big loop.

        The stalkers are the primary issue though. They are totally fuking up the program, and probably have no idea of the consequences, to themselves or in general.

        WWG1WGA is a nice thought. Thank you for the support. I’m ready. Let’s do it. Where’s the posse?

      • Most of this stuff is not for the internet. and it’s not going to fit on a thread, or even in a thick book. And I am being spied on via internet. (part of the purpose of me posting here is for them, not necessarily readers)

        Ideally, it would start with a meeting whereby I first try to explain it all, or at least summarize, share data/evidence/etc.

    • And to note; I have already more than proven my willingness to play nice with several of them. Given the details, I am SURE that most anyone would agree.

      They are reluctant because they’re guilty as hell and know it.

  7. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    And wisdom to know the difference.”

    “Who controls the past now controls the future
    Who controls the present now controls the past
    Who controls the past now controls the future
    Who controls the present now?”


    • This is very interesting, but I fear that I may not be of much help with something this complex. Also, there doesn’t seem to be enough people around to form a posse since it seems that I am the only one paying attention.

      I understand that this is a very complicated situation that may take a long time to properly explain, but if you don’t mind, I would like to ask you few questions so that I can get a better feel of what you are dealing with (as long as the administrator of this site allows it).

      1. What do you suppose that the goal is of the network of people following you around? Is it just to annoy you?

      2. You referenced TT being an element to your situation. Have you traveled through time or have this network of people done so to interact with you?

      3. Is it your wish to let the public know what’s going on?

      4. You mentioned using this Blog primarily to communicate with these people. Why this Blog in particular? Have you also posted on other blogs or websites?

      5. With regard to the “stalkers……fuking up the program”. Are you referring to a TT program? If so, are you a participant (willing or unwilling) in that program?

      • 1. What do you suppose that the goal is of the network of people following you around? Is it just to annoy you?

        They obviously mean to wreck my life through various means. …like I said; a war of attrition on me. I don’t feel like going into all the details of all the underhanded sneaky evil shit they are doing.

        2. You referenced TT being an element to your situation. Have you traveled through time or have this network of people done so to interact with you?

        No, I have never traveled time, at least not physically. Although I have done some very weird and powerful things on a metaphysical/clairvoyant/spiritual level. Indications are that I one day will. But who knows?

        3. Is it your wish to let the public know what’s going on?

        All I wanted to do was escape poverty and dysfunction and have a family, die a proud happy grandpa, knowing I did right by them. But this shit has inhibited me from living a functional life, and therefore I have been unable to put myself into that position. I am too old now, and that dream is over. They have effectively negated my children/grandchildren and wasted my life torturing me.

        Telling the public is only a cry for help to whoever will listen or care. But I suspect that it will only cause more problems and get me killed. I am not sure it matters anymore. I am probably going to end up killing people out of necessity and/or revenge.

        4. You mentioned using this Blog primarily to communicate with these people. Why this Blog in particular? Have you also posted on other blogs or websites?

        They are obviously spying on me. So this is a way to let them know where I stand. I suppose I choose this blog because TR usually doesn’t delete and manipulate shit like many other sites.

        5. With regard to the “stalkers……fuking up the program”. Are you referring to a TT program? If so, are you a participant (willing or unwilling) in that program?

        This requires a very lengthy and complex answer. But basically it means they are fucking up everything, to include whatever time travel operations are in play, at least it looks as such.

        Given the opportunity to TT, of course I would. If for no other reason than for escape from torture. But I think I would use it for good things, …maybe just for information gathering. I dunno.

    • “Know Thyself”

      That’s a powerful one. Scary powerful. I think I might have graduated with that one by contemplating “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

      Intending to remembered what I want to did. Then I go check, and it’s there. Did I just do that, …from a static position? So I do my best to be completely random and spontaneous and private and test it. Yes, I think I DID do that.

      Whoa! Scary.

      Can I kill people with it? …strictly for defensive purposes, of course.

      • What I’m trying to figure out is if I’m doing it from a static position in time, or if I am physically going to did it. If it’s static, then I figured out something enormously powerful. Scary powerful.

        I’ve heard of people being able to do astral projection, even teleportation style telekinesis. So I suppose it’s possible.

        What would it be called? Temporal-psycho-kinesis?

      • I also wonder if I’ve done it without realizing it, and if so, how many times?

        THAT’S the scary part. The idea of being unable to control it.

        Happy thought…happy thoughts..happy thoughts….

  8. Say, hypothetically, you go back, leave a cause/effect wake/loop. But the next time around, at the point of departure, you stay put. What effects does it have? If any?

    Are you still connected to time?

    What if you go back and get killed? Does it effect the other you? How so?

    Why are people acting so scared of me?

  9. Hey TR, why do some people omit that conversation from the titor posts? The one that points to my little girlfriend and evidence of time travel.

    I call her “Butterfly”. She was an adorable little girl. And she grew up to be a very pretty woman, beautiful in many respects. She has a beautiful family and a good life as best as I can tell. You should have seen us when we were about 7-9 yrs old. I like to think that we just felt comfortable together, which is why we often sat together, whenever we could. She was my little girlfriend, and I was very protective of her.

    There was this kid who kept picking on her, and she kept complaining about it, telling on him to me. So I kept demanding he stop doing so. And she kept complaining, and he kept doing it. And I kept warning him.

    So one day I was walking home from the store with my friends/neighborhood kids, and I caught him in the playground. So I called him over to talk with him for a minute. I started calling him out for picking on my little girlfriend, reminded him of my warnings. He shrugged, as if to say “So?”, …like a total diss. That’s what triggered me.

    So I popped him right in his face, hard. He fell down, then got up bloody and ran inside. As we were walking off, his dad came out and started griping at me/us, so I called him a “butt-hole” and ran off.

    “Don’t fuck with this 9 year old.”

    She moved away and that was that. Haven’t seen her since. (Although I think I saw her at the grocery once.)

    So, years later, I keep finding all these clues and things, bizarre whatevers, tracing back through this and that network/networks of people playing all these weird games, and I start finding all this stuff pointing to her and others who are affiliated with. And I see she is somehow involved. Whatever she’s doing, she’s not being honest.

    She’s one of those people that could get away with hunting me down and talk to me about just about anything. Typically, I would probably be happy to see and/or help her. But that’s not what’s happening. Thus I do not trust her or her friends/associates.

    I have to wonder if I shouldn’t have punched her instead. …or just dumped her. Of course, you don’t have that kind of wisdom at 9 years old. But it was a lesson in life about women, has given me wisdom.

  10. Another root source, I will call “Stella Corona” and “Princess Leah” and their friends/associates. They’re just as full of shit as the others, and somehow connected to the rest of it, including friends/associates of “Butterfly”.

    Again, I started finding things, a pattern suggesting their involvement, then watched them respond to things they couldn’t know without minding my business, violating and harassing me. They’ve been manipulative and abusive, not honest. I don’t like them.

  11. “Chester” is another one. He/friends/family/associates, etc is another root source. He is also connected to Butterfly’s friends, like “Hollywood” and “Georgia”, “Dildo” , “Princess Leah”, “Stella”, etc…

    They’re all apparently connected. (I’m still rooting out sources)

    The ones who concern me the most are
    “Maury”, “Dr. Jekyll”, “9/11”, “93”, “Picasso” and their friends/associates, which apparently includes some of the aforementioned and above folks.

    That’s a bit more complicated. But they are apparently just as dangerous, perhaps even more so. They aren’t being honest either. I don’t trust them or like them. Although I will note that 9/11 seems to motivate differently than most.

    I see that one common thread among all of them is religion. Seems to be one of their motives.

    • Are these the one’s who are part of this network that’s interfering and trying to ruin your life? Are these people from an online forum?

      • They are apparently all over the place, including online. Have been fucking with me since around the time of my birth.

        I have even gone to such lengths as to not have a cell phone and going homeless to circumvent them. What are positive and useful things to most, are usually problematic to me, another means for them to exploit my life.

        I hate them.

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