Who Mans the Tiller?

qA close, personal friend and I were corresponding recently about the anonymous poster QAnon and a question she asked prompted this essay.

As a side note, please understand that I largely use the example of the John Titor posts below (aka TimeTravel_0) simply because he is the example most readers are familiar with. It by no means should imply that this is the only ‘time traveler’ out there visiting our time.


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Lateral Thinking and Real Politik


Thanks for Nothing

A great deal has been made recently concerning the revelation by the Pentagon that it housed and operated a department that “investigated” reports of UFO’s. Despite the uproar in both the mainstream media and the UFO community, I contend that this “revelation” is the biggest non-news story ever perpetrated on the Human race.

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The Scope

As many of you know my curiosity has not abated since I published Conviction of a Time Traveler, but it has taken a decidedly different tack than even I expected. bttfPart and parcel to the new and unexpected directions my curiosity has taken me, the bounds by which I can label these discoveries has overflowed from the usual stories of fantastical machines or thoughts of bearing personal witness to history.

So, I write this essay in the hopes of conveying to you, dear reader, a taste of the scope of what I have discovered.  If we are to understand the Question more fully and explore those unseen gears that turn behind the scenes we must push beyond the simple; push beyond the easily understood “man and time machine” story.

grinding wheel

Grinding Wheel

This essay is a review of an observation I made in 2011 and explored with a Friend (HJ) back in 2011. This Friend helped me ‘polish’ this observation and I am forever thankful for the service he provided, both seen and unseen.

I have decided it might be time to release these ideas now.

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The Ultimate Observer

Self-deceptionAn interesting sociological aspect of the ‘time travel’ phenomenon is how people react to it.  When a given claimant makes his first appearance online, a variety of reactions are exhibited. Setting aside for a moment the authenticity of the claim, I have observed that sometimes one can learn quite a bit about our own condition simply by dispassionately observing how people react to the claimant himself.

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The Poor Marksmen

angry baby2You hack my friends blog one more time and modify her posts to add offensive content and this will end up on my own blog for everyone to see. Not just this one, no. The wholr [sic] version which includes your family members and your beloved nephews (Kimberley’s kids). I suggest you don’t fuck with me and my friend or I’m gonna fuck with you harder. This is a warning


I received the above amateurish attempt at blackmail from Jason Fellini Corleone (jasoncorleone145@gmail.com) on Jul 11, 2017. Care to hear the whole story?

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