Key Images

John's Grandfather?

Is this man John Titor’s grandfather whom he met in 1975?

The answer is most likely yes.

Read more in “Conviction of a Time Traveler.”



Part of John’s story told of his time gadsdenduring the Second American Civil War.

According to John when he was 13 years old, he joined a shotgun brigade called the “Fighting Diamondbacks.” He spent several years fighting in the militia.

John described that the Second American Civil War was not about states rights as the first one had been, but rather about order and rights of the individual citizen. Because of this, it cannot be described as a “war between the states.”

According to John, it was a war between the federal (and possibly state) governments against its own citizens.

Is it a coincidence that John’s unit took the same symbol as citizens today?

Was this what John’s militia unit’s flag looked like?

Kerr BHA Kerr Singularity depicting the dual event horizons and ergosphere between the two. The yellow line is likely the Tipler cylinder. According to John, two Kerr singularities powered and formed the heart of Titor’s C204 Gravity Distortion Unit.


When a poster in November 2000 asked where it was safe during the Russian nuclear attack, John responded,

“Take a close look at the county-by-county voting map from the last elections.” – John Titor

Bush Vs. Gore Election Results - County Level

Bush Vs. Gore Election Results – County Level

What do you see?

laserpenThis is a photograph provided by Titor to a poster who later posted it with his permission. The photograph depicts Titor’s instructor inside the vehicle and demonstrating the gravity well created by the microsingularities using the pen-laser pointer and cigar smoke.

Interestingly, according to the poster, John did not want to post this picture, but was later convinced to allow it.


John's C204 Gravity Displacement Unit

John’s C204 Gravity Displacement Unit?

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