A Flea’s Perspective


Once upon a time, a small tribe of fleas lived upon the surface of the Earth. They existed and survived by feeding upon whatever small detritus and debris they could find in their immediate vicinity.  I’m not sure what fleas eat, but whatever it is, this little tribe of fleas was able to eke out a meager existence and survive from one generation to the next.

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2.5% of Trump

trumpSince the recent elections, I have been inundated with numerous emails and other comments asking what the election of Donald Trump must mean within the context of the TimeTravel_0 posts.

I have demurred from responding to these questions but have since decided to respond here.  I hope those many who have reached out to me seeking comment take this essay to heart and allow it to deepen their own understanding of the Question before us all.

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Nothing Left to Learn? – The Announcement

Conviction of a Time Traveler was published in November of 2010. It was, and continues to be, the only documented investigation into the question whether Timetravel_0 (aka John Titor) was a real “time traveler.”

I am both proud and sad to report that no other person professing an interest or curiosity in this Question has been able to follow or improve upon the findings documented in Conviction of a Time Traveler.

Lost-in-the-Wilderness-e1429291712636In the years since publication (has it been six years only/already?) my participation online has gone from active participation and debate to banishment to the wilderness.  To say that this arc has been a learning experience into the psychology of man would be an understatement.  How unexpected and yet fully predictable it was to discover that people are generally not interested in new ideas or new ways of looking at old ideas.  Instead, I discovered that the echo chamber has no exits.  A hard lesson to learn and one many before me learned, sometimes with disastrous results.

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The Question



Sir Francis Bacon

In furtherance of the Question that distracts us from our daily tasks, I have discovered that the answers to this Question do not reside in the typical paradigms that we are so familiar with.   I was surprised as anyone upon my slow realization that the reality of ‘time travel’ does not necessarily fit within the framework of secret government projects or eccentric white-haired scientists.  No, the stage upon which the time travel Question rests is indeed much larger than anyone, even I, ever suspected.

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Our Neighbor’s Secrets

imagesI discovered this video today and find its topic quite timely.

In viewing this video, what I find most astonishing is not the technology, but rather the possibilities for our future that it represents.  To my eyes, the ability to use commercially available photographic equipment to image the Moon in equal or better resolution than what NASA has ever provided represents a unique opportunity to break down the wall of separation between Humanity and Objective Truth; a formation of a Grand Portal, so to speak, becomes more possible with every step we make towards Truth.

What lies on the surface of the moon that until now has remained a smudge or pixilation or merely invisible due to distance?

Where will this newfound understanding lead?  To what end do we see these things? What’s next?

As Ever

Temporal Recon