Who Was John Titor?

   In 2000, a man calling himself John Titor began posting online claiming he was a time traveler from the year 2036. He claimed his mission was to travel to 1975, make contact with his own grandfather and retrieve an obscure IBM computer to help in the reconstruction of American infrastructure after a nuclear war with Russia in 2015.

   Titor’s postings generated intense interest and hot debate at the time. Even now in 2012, people still find Titor’s writings incredibly compelling.

John carried a warning from the future about the coming Second American Civil War, loss of civil rights and liberties protected by the US Constitution as well as other issues such as the rise of Mad Cow Disease.

   This book represents the first, only and most comprehensive investigation into the John Titor saga ever. Conviction of a Time Traveler includes a good overview of the Titor story up to as late as 2010 and a deconstruction and analysis of his postings. Later in the book, the author investigates the implications from Titor’s posts and attempts to rebuild Titor’s world based on John’s own words.


A Note from the Author:

The 177 Temporal Recon Unit Insignia

This book is THE investigation that answers all the questions we’ve all had in the last 12 years. Why? Because I’ve had the same questions! I followed the breadcrumbs that he (purposefully or inadvertently) left behind for us to follow and allowed the facts to speak for themselves.

   The conclusions the book makes are 100% (100%) based on Titor’s statements. No contortions of logic are needed to understand that Time Travel is real and happening now.

   Some of the information will be old news to some who know the story, but a MAJORITY of the information is new information (did you know Titor lied about CERN’S involvement in Time Travel?)

The book, Conviction of a Time Traveler, is available here.

Note: The book was written anonymously to allow the facts to speak for themselves. I have already announced the book’s existence on certain internet forums and have been attacked (unsurprisingly). People have already attempted to ascertain MY identity (also unsurprisingly) which served only to reinforce my belief that I needed to protect my privacy.  Please do not ask who I am, it’s not important and doesn’t solve the Titor Riddle.


One thought on “Who Was John Titor?

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